15 Best Romantic Restaurants in Krakow to Celebrate Your Engagement

best romantic restaurants in krakow

Are you coming to my beautiful city and have no idea what are the best romantic restaurants in Krakow and where you should take your loved one? Or perhaps you live here but don’t eat out often enough and need help finding something really special for the evening? Or maybe what you are looking for is the best restaurant for a proposal in Krakow where you will ask your partner to marry you over a delicious dessert? :)

If you answered „yes” to any of these questions, you are in good hands! I am an expert in photographing surprise proposals in Krakow. I photograph these priceless moments (you can hire me too—see how it works here) but I also help my clients find THE restaurant to celebrate at! If photo sessions are not your jam at all, and you simply want to organise a marriage proposal over dinner in Krakow, I can also help you choose the perfect romantic restaurant for it!

best romantic restaurants krakow

Best romantic restaurants in Krakow to celebrate one of the most important moments of your life!

Over many years of working with my clients on their proposals, I have collected the best romantic restaurants in Krakow in my easy-to-use guide. :) I love my city and I want you two to spend a wonderful time here together!

In the ultra-touristy Krakow, there are plenty of tourist traps. And believe me—uninteresting or low quality food is a simple recipe to destroy even the most lovely atmosphere! A great dinner in one of the best romantic restaurants in Krakow will be the cherry on top of your proposal. That’s why it’s so important to make the right decision about where you should go to celebrate! Trust me, delicious memories from this dinner will be with you for the rest of your life. Personally, I still remember where my fiancé took me after he proposed, what we ate, and what the atmosphere was at the restaurant he chose. :)

proposal dinner in krakow

Why is my e-book a good investment?

My guide is the only product of this type in Krakow that will offer you a ready-made and—above all—tried-and-tested solution. Maybe you, like the majority of my clients, are not from Krakow or don’t know it that well. Perhaps you don’t eat out very often. Or you don’t have friends who are acquainted with the gastronomic scene of the city. You might not know anyone who would be able to recommend the perfect restaurant for a proposal over dinner in Krakow or a place to celebrate an engagement. I created this e-book to help you. :)

If I were you, I would definitely NOT rely on online reviews. After all, most often they are written by random guests who evaluate a given restaurant after just one visit to Krakow. How much is an opinion written after one (!) meal in a given place worth? Opinions, for example on TripAdvisor, are also often written by… the owners themselves or their friends, but this is a topic for a separate article. :) I want to assure you that as a resident of Krakow and a huge foodie, I have personally tested each of the places listed in my e-book numerous times. And so did my clients!

Read the six reasons why you also should get a copy of my e-book:

where to celebrate engagement krakow

The e-book is in PDF format (you can open it on your smartphone, tablet or computer). Immediately after making payment, you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the e-book to the device of your choice.

What exactly will you find in the e-book?

All the best romantic restaurants in Krakow that I recommend are tried and tested, with delicious food and great service. The list is divided according to three different price ranges. You will see that it’s totally possible to find a restaurant for an engagement dinner in Krakow for every budget!

  • 4 luxury restaurants for an engagement dinner or a proposal—the most elegant and unique high-end restaurants in Krakow,
  • 5 smart casual restaurants for an engagement or proposal dinner—slightly cheaper, but still awesome and elegant restaurants,
  • 6 informal restaurants for an engagement dinner—restaurants with average prices, great food and great atmosphere,
  • 5 places for breakfast in Krakow—the best spots for a delicious breakfast in town!

    What else?

    The description of each restaurant contains practical information and tips that will help you make the best decision:

    best romantic restaurants cracow

    FAQ about my list of the best romantic restaurants in Krakow

    Is there a good restaurant for a proposal over dinner on your list?

    If you would like to go for a restaurant proposal in Krakow, go ahead and choose from the categories “Luxurious” (p. 6) or “Smart casual” (p. 11), or the one from p. 18 and p. 20 (from the “Casual” category). Why? Because I believe that a restaurant for a proposal should meet certain basic requirements. First of all, the interior must be at least a little bit romantic and/or elegant. Secondly, you must have access to a relatively intimate table. Thirdly, it must be run by extremely professional staff, preferably one that has already dealt with such surprises before. :)

    In the e-book you will find restaurants that you can ask for help in organising this kind of event as they certainly have experience in it. I’m sure they can arrange a bouquet of roses, additional decorations (e.g. candles, flowers), or book the best table for you. :)

    Do I need a special e-book reader to use this guide?

    Absolutely not! You will receive the e-book in the form of a PDF, the most popular format that you can easily open on a computer, tablet or smartphone. There’s no need for any special application or software for this. You will have it at hand on your phone throughout your whole stay in Krakow!

    Where are these best restaurants in Krakow located?

    All restaurants listed in the e-book are located in the Old Town, Kazimierz or Podgórze neighbourhoods. You can reach them by public transport (use the „Jakdojade” mobile app or desktop version) or by taxi (I highly recommend the convenient Free Now mobile app—use my referral code xn3hvo9xy that will give you 15 PLN off your first trip or download the app using this link!), but you don’t have to. You can easily reach all of them on foot from the city centre! :)

    best romantic restaurants cracow

    Do restaurants pay you to be mentioned in this e-book?

    Absolutely not! All addresses in this guide are my truly favourite restaurants that I know well and visit often with my husband. It’s important to me that my clients—and everyone who buys my e-book – are satisfied with my recommendations. And this can only happen when I maintain full independence in choosing restaurants that I recommend, based on my own high requirements.

    If I don’t find what I’m looking for in the e-book, can I ask for a refund?

    Electronic products such as e-books are non-refundable. However, I am sure that you will find a suitable restaurant in it! Before I published it, I used to send a list of my recommendations by e-mail to the clients whose proposals I photographed. I have never had anyone leave dissatisfied with a restaurant I recommend.

    How is this possible? First of all: I am a woman and I know exactly where I would like to go for a romantic engagement dinner in Krakow. :) Secondly, good food is my passion, I love eating out. I test Krakow restaurants on an ongoing basis. The quality of dishes, creativity of the chef, interior design and professionalism of the service is of the utmost importance to me when choosing a restaurant.

    Is the e-book up to date?

    Of course! As I eat out a lot and like great restaurants, I visit most of the places mentioned in the e-book on a regular basis. If it happens that a place closes, I will remove it from the list or replace it with a new, interesting and recommendable address. I want this e-book to be as useful as possible for you!

    I’m still not sure if I’ll find what I need in the e-book. What can I do?

    You’ve read all the information about the content of my guide, and you still have doubts whether you will find the restaurant you need? Go ahead, contact me and I will give you a thoughtful response to questions and concerns. :)

    romantic restaurant proposal dinner in krakow

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