„15 Best Restaurants to Celebrate Your Engagement in Cracow”


The absolute best Cracow restaurants to celebrate an engagement (or to propose over dinner!) plus 5 great places for a delish breakfast. :)



My e-book 15 Best Restaurants to Celebrate an Engagement in Krakow is an easy-to-use guide with a list of my 15 favourite restaurants for a romantic dinner in Krakow, plus 5 great places for breakfast—a total of 20 most interesting places in town to choose from.

My recommendations are suggestions for every budget—the e-book includes both luxurious restaurants as well as more casual ones. All the restaurants I have described are a guarantee of a lovely evening, accompanied by professional service and delicious food. I love eating out, and I know Krakow like the back of my hand. I want to help you make the best choice! :)

6 reasons why you also should get hold of my e-book:

1. It’s tried and tested! Since 2017, I have been recommending restaurants for an engagement dinner in Krakow to my clients and everyone, especially fiancées, return from them happy and satisfied!

2. The solution is handed to you on a plate. You can spend a few hours looking for restaurants on your own and reading reviews online. But just think about it: are TripAdvisor reviews worth anything, since most of them come from tourists who visit the restaurant only once? As a local foodie, I regularly visit all the places on my list, so I am sure of their quality.

3. I am sharing many valuable tips straight from a local, such as: which specific table I recommend you book, when you can enjoy your dinner with live music, which specific dish is worth trying from the menu, where you will find the best deal for a fine dining meal, and many more.

4. It will come in handy during your entire stay in Cracow! I have prepared a list of restaurants for every budget, so you will definitely be able to take your fiancée to more than one recommended place. Surprise your loved one with a well-done research!

5. You can afford it. Just for the value of one restaurant tip (!) you will be certain that you are making the right choice because recommendations from a local foodie are worth their weight in gold!

6. In addition to 15 recommended restaurants to celebrate a proposal (or to propose!) in Krakow, I am also sharing with you five amazing spots for a delicious breakfast!

The e-book is in a digital version, in PDF format (you can open it on your smartphone, tablet or computer). Immediately after making payment, you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the e-book to the device of your choice.

More details about this e-book and frequently asked questions (FAQ) can be found in this article: 15 Best Romantic Restaurants in Krakow„.