Couple & engagement photo session in Krakow with an English-speaking photographer

Are you interested in a couple or engagement photo session in Krakow? Look no more! A natural engagement session, an anniversary session or just a sweet couple session are my favorites, and Krakow provides an absolutely perfect backdrop for all of those! You’ve always wanted beautiful couple photos but thought you weren’t “photogenic”? Or that you „didn’t know how to pose”? Or perhaps you are afraid that it will be a stressful experience and that you will feel „weird” throughout the whole thing? Well, read on! :)

“Ania is the best choice for anyone who thinks that they don’t know how to pose and that sessions are not for them. My fiancé and I decided to book a photo shoot so that we’ll have other kind of photos in our album rather than vacation selfies. We are absolutely delighted with the photos we received (we don’t know what to show off with on social media because everything is „on point” ;)). I cannot fail to mention the atmosphere during the session—it’s a wonderful and romantic time that every couple should experience. :)”


Engagement session—what do you need it for?

Being engaged is so great! I know from experience! :) An engagement shoot documents your love, your youth, your naturalness, and unique pre-wedding emotions. One of my clients once told me why she decided to have an engagement session: „I realized that—apart from selfies on the phone which we never print anyway—we actually don’t have nice photos together…”. Later, my photographs decorated her wedding venue, and their guests, delighted with the decorations, took them home as favors. An album with the photos from your engagement session in Krakow can be a thoughtful gift to your parents. The photos can be even used in your wedding invitations. I’m not even mentioning how nice it is to look at such photos hanging on the walls at your first home. Or how great it will be to browse through them in 30 years together with your kids and grandkids… :)

Couple photo session in Krakow—what to wear, what to bring?

The most important rule when it comes to clothing? You must feel good, comfortable and attractive in what you decide to wear. The rest are secondary issues but can’t say they’re irrelevant—your clothes, after all, will influence final results. So, first of all, avoid very bright colors, patterned fabrics, and clothes with letters or logos that will only distract attention from the most important part (you!). Match each other’s style—decide whether you prefer an elegant, sporty or more casual session, and then both of you stick to it. A sports tracksuit and a baseball cap don’t go that well with an elegant dress. ;) The choice of colors depends on the season and the place where the session will take place. Before we meet, I always send my couples valuable tips that will help them choose the right wardrobe. If they feel the need—they send me photos of a couple of outfit options. I’m always happy to advise!

engagement photo session in Krakow

I don’t think you need to bring several outfits with you. Outfit is really not the most important element of your engagement photo session in Krakow. Constantly changing clothes will most likely break the flow of the shoot. If you like having options, you can bring some pieces of clothing that can be easily removed and styled in various ways: a hat, a scarf, a belt, a cardigan, or a light coat. However, the fewer things you bring (and the less stuff I have to hold throughout the session), the more freely I will be able to capture the most beautiful, spontaneous moments for you. :)

If you feel better and more confident with a professional manicure, make-up, or hairstyle, you can go to a nail, MUA or hair stylist beforehand, but it is not necessary. And of course—if it’s an engagement session, please don’t forget about the engagement ring! Although I bet it’s the last thing a girl would forget to bring. ;)

Engagement photo session—is Krakow a good choice?

Regardless of whether you are just visiting Krakow for a couple of days or you live here, we will find the right place for your session. From forests, parks and gardens to beautiful architecture and iconic landmarks—there is plenty to choose from. Just remember that Krakow is an extremely touristic city so if you want to do your engagement session at the Main Square or in the Old Town, the only option is to meet at sunrise. Believe me—it’s worth it! You don’t want to have any random passers-by in the background of your beautiful framed photos in your bedroom, do you? ;)

engagement photo session in Krakow

„We’ve never had a photo shoot before—we hadn’t thought it could be such a great experience. But thanks to Ania it is—thanks to her warm character, she creates a great atmosphere and the photos come out very natural. We felt so at ease that at times we kept forgetting that we were being photographed. :) I dreamed of a session in my beloved Krakow and the results are amazing. :) I honestly recommend her very much.”


Couple session in Krakow—at what time should we meet?

“When” is way more important to me than “where” your session will take place. For the most stunning light, I recommend meeting at sunrise or just before sunset. This is when I do about 95% of my sessions. Why? Because the higher the sun is on the horizon, the harsher the shadows are, the more you squint your eyes, and the more distorted the colors become. In the case of my natural photo sessions, without artificial posing, there are no retakes! :)

The lower the sun, the softer the light—the face looks much more flattering and wrinkles are less visible (really!). So the time of the session will depend on the season, but may also depend on the weather conditions and the location we choose. Some places work better at sunrise and others at sunset. I am happy to advise you. Remember: photography = light! :)

Engagement session in Krakow—do you need to be good at posing?

The last thing I want from you is to „pose” during my sessions! I really don’t want you to pose! I won’t ask you to freeze in a position for a few minutes—it’s so boooooooring! My priority is to create photos in which you will be yourself. I don’t photograph professional models at all, and around 90% of my clients have never had a photo session before, as I shoot lots of engagement sessions and surprise proposals!

My clients often say that their natural engagement sessions with me made them feel like they were on a date. I want you to have fun during our walk together—because only then will the best photos come out! I would like it to be a memorable time for you, and the beautiful, timeless, and natural photographs will only be a nice „side effect”. :)

engagement photo session in Krakow

Couple photo session in Krakow—how should you prepare?

There is no need to do any special preparations for your photo shoot. You don’t have to practice posing for the camera, you don’t have to use the services of a stylist, you don’t have to be nervous at all! :) My only advice is: just be yourself, I will guide you through every step of your engagement photo session in Krakow as smoothly as possible. I have certain tricks that I like to use during my couple photo sessions that help my couples relax and have fun. I once heard a great compliment from one of my clients: „You can see in the photos you take that people felt great during the session.” Well, that’s the point! A natural photo session in Krakow is supposed to be great fun and result in priceless memento for you and your entire family! :)

“The session with Ania was pure pleasure. We felt like we were on a date! We wholeheartedly recommend it! The photos came out beautiful, for which we are very grateful, having such a memento for years to come. Ania, you are amazing, we will definitely meet again. Thank you!”


Why should you book an engagement photo session in Krakow with me?

  • I will help you prepare.
  • I will guide you through the entire session.
  • Less awkward posing, more fun! :)
  • You will get as many as 70-140 (edited!) photos to choose from.
  • You will get great discounts when purchasing additional shots.
  • I have 100% satisfied customers, 5.0 rating on Google.
  • I speak three languages ​​fluently (Polish, English, and Portuguese).
  • I offer some of the best high quality albums (photo books) on the market.

Whether an engagement session in Krakow has been your dream for years or you still have some doubts—drop me a line and I will get back to you within 24 hours. You will receive my pricing guide with 3 packages to choose from. I will also be happy to answer any questions you might have. We will choose a place, a day and time, and will meet for a lovely walk. Can’t wait to meet you two! :)

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